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Owner Services

Rental Services Overview:

  • Professional full-time staff
  • State of the art rental management software
  • Comprehensive Owner Program and Finance Tracking
  • White glove guest program (check-in to check-out)
  • World-class Marketing and Referral Network
  • Global affiliation with Christies International Real Estate
  • Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Professional Housekeeping Services


Cleanliness and upkeep is paramount to happy guests, reduced wear and tear, and more importantly REPEAT guests. At William Raveis Rentals, each turn around cleaning includes vacuuming, fresh bed linens, towels and essential toiletry items.

  • We subcontract with leading and highly reliable housekeeping and cleaning services who are qualified, licensed and insured vendors and our staff oversees and tracks their performance and workmanship.
  • Each year, we recommend a deep-down cleaning. This includes a much more in depth cleaning than a normal rental turnover cleaning. During this deep clean, appliances are moved to clean behind them, dishes and kitchen utensils are removed to clean cabinet interiors, furniture and carpets are steam cleaned, etc. We have a Deep Clean checklist we review annually so you can make an informed decision on costs and care of your unit.
  • We are happy to provide additional cleanings as requested by guests during their stay. All housekeeping costs are funded by the guests with the exception of the annual deep clean.

Maintenance and Repairs

Our extensive relationships with subcontractors provide maintenance and repair services across all trades. We can arrange for repairs by qualified, licensed and insured contractors when necessary and with YOUR written (or emailed/text) approval.

  • We know things tend to break when least expected. We offer our rental guests and property owners a 24-hour local staff member to assist with any emergencies that may arise after hours, 7 days a week.

Preventative Maintenance

The best approach to maintaining your rental investment is preventative maintenance. During our routine check-out inspections, our staff will visually inspect your lights, locks, smoke alarms, and thermostats and alert you to any items that may need to be physically inspected for needed repairs. This service can prevent major repair issues and costly maintenance. We recommend an annual review of systems to keep your property in top condition and can provide appropriate service recommendations as requested.

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